How Deon Irving Aka “Lil Roe” Evolved As A Rapper.

Deon Irving, better known as “Lil Roe” has officially put Chicago Illinois back on the map. Jams like “Ugly” ( ), “Neverland” ( ), and “Hard Feelings” ( ) highlight the work that Lil Roe put in over the last two years with “Hard Feelings” being the oldest, dropping roughly about two years ago, and “Neverland being the newest, which was released in just the last two weeks, and “Ugly” dropping right about smack dab in the middle of the other two songs, dropping one year ago. Listening to all three gives you a good example of how Lil Roe has evolved over the last two years. Lil Roe states that the way his music has evolved over the years correlates directly to the way his life has changed over the years. He, alike his music, has transitioned from angry to happy. He went from from a low, dark place to a spiritual place. Finding God has changed his life and his music.

Lil Roe has literally been rapping and making music since he could talk. Lil Roe says, “I’ve been making music since I was a baby. Shit I don’t even make music, music makes me to be honest.” When asked how serious he is about his career, Lil Roe replied, “man I’m so seious about my career that if I get asked that again I’m going to make a song called ‘I’m So Serious.’ For real though, making music is all I got. I might not be dropping songs back to back like everyone else but thats only because I’m perfecting my craft and building my song I put out. I want people to notice my growth, I don’t want to sound the same as I did last year.”

Lil Roe is humble in his success, in which he credits to God the Most High. “I’m only here because of him. He gave me this life,” says Lil Roe. Lil Roe is not currently signed and is on that independant grind at the moment, but has faith that it will happen for him eventually. Lil Roe loves the spotlight, loves being on stage, and can’t wait to perform again, and be lit on stage.

If you like to check out Lil Roe’s music you can here:

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