Lil Army Thuggn: The New Hottest Artist In Music

Lil Army Thuggn is the first artist we have seen change his name 4 different times. It’s like with each name change a different sound to his music and persona takes place but it’s so organic and small you won’t catch it, But you love it if you have been growing with him and following his journey as a artist his latest song  “EOS” shows of his new sound with an unmixed mysterious flow that gives you that hungry dark feeling expressing his Parian over a spaced out beat covered with sneaky witty lyrical bars. For some reason every time lil army Thuggn goes to jail his first song he comes out with is a lyrical gem 1st with I’m a Soulja that currently has 7.6 million streams. Second with “First Day Out” which is a instant underground classic and now “EOS” to check out the latest music and videos from lil army Thuggn we provided some links have fun…

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