Nobunaga – The Maryland Based Artist Who Is Repping Worldwide

Q.) What is your name/stage name?

A.) “Nobunaga”

Q.) Where are you located?

A.) “Located in Maryland but Japan is also to be more frequented.

Q.) What is the meaning behind your name?

A.) “‘Nobunaga’ was a Japanese warlord who was called “The fool” no one took him seriously because he was always partying. Like I, his father had passed and once that happened, Nobunaga got serious and became a conqueror of Japan and sought to unite it. Nobunaga was also known for using uncongenial means to fight. In my case, my style is influenced by many and it’s not typical and I seek to conquer all that I decide to do, music being one of them.

Q.) What are your roles within the music industry? 

A.) “I’m a producer, recording engineer, singer, rapper, play instruments (mainly guitar and piano), and I also run my own label.

Q.) What got you into music? 

A.) “I’ve always been into music as a kid, later I would find out from my mother and grandmother that a gypsy like woman would randomly tell them I would be musically talented only after months of being born. This took place in Tyson’s corner apparently. Just so happens as a kid I said I wanted to be a musician and played Michael Jackson’s ‘You Are Not Alone’ on piano by ear. Since then, I’ve been doing it because I love it and picked up many skills along the way.

Q.) What type of music do you make?

A.) “I’ll make a hybrid of rap, electronic, and rock… Since those are my favorite genres.

Q.) How long have you been making music? 

A.) “As long as I can remember, I was always interested in creating my own music and did it every chance I got.

Q.) What are you making music for? 

A.) “I’m making music for the sake of putting something different out in the world. I also feel that if I just stop, that’ll be the end of me.

Q.) What’s driving you?

A.) “Ego as well as fear. The ego side is the fact that I believe I can stand next to anyone skill wise. The fear is, hopefully this is a chance to boost my financial status because things get more expensive. Although I have a great job now, I want to get to the next level.

Q.) Who are your biggest supporters?

A.) “Myself and a few fans that randomly came across my music. They really want it to be in the limelight.

Q.) Are you signed to a label?

A.) “I’m signed to my own label, Meteor Drive Records.

Q.) Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none?

A.) “I would like a distribution deal, or some type of partnership. I guess it all depends on what may be offered.

Q.) Who are some features that you have? 

A.) “None at the moment, I plan on doing things solo for a while.

Q.) Who are some features you want to get? 

A.) “Eminem, Logic, Hopsin, NF, TechN9ne, and Busta Rhymes. Just to name a few one my top list, but I’m open to anyone who is good at what they do and can enhance my craft via competition.” 

Q.) Who’s one person dead or alive that you’d want to work with?

A.) “Notorious BIG and Elvis.

Q.) is there anybody else you want to shout out for any reason?

A.) “Shout out to my close friends, they know who they are.

Q.) What are you currently working on?

A.) “I’m currently working on a string of songs for my Sengoku Era album. The album will keep having songs added to it until I reach a new level.

Q.) What is your latest release?

A.) “Nobu’ is my latest release.

Q.) When is your next release? 

A.) “Probably won’t be until 2024, maybe at the end of 2023. But people can catch snippets on my Instagram. I show the progress of new songs I’m working on.





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