New Video J. Morgan – Flowers

The Bay Area-based rhyme and rhythm slinger of a hip-hop artist J. Morgan has been making waves with the use of his colorful lyrics and master-crafted attention to detail in his production. Combined with the cinematography in his cinematic videos, J. Morgan is not someone to overlook in 2021.

J. Morgan is back with “Flowers”, his first single off of his 2021 album “Grow”. The record is one of those tunes that fuse in styles for a wide range of styles; this creates a unique experience where from the first sound we hear, we are instantly intrigued. Produced by Stife, the record has a unique touch of instrumentation that brought out a real honest vibe from J. Morgan as he tells the story of growth, the importance of appreciating moments and creating memories worth looking back to. J. Morgan’s vocals perfectly shine on top here; his signature vocal production accentuates his lyrics to create a 3D like texture that pulls us inside of J. Morgan’s head.

According to Instagram posts by J. Morgan, this track is a dedication to his newly born daughter and was a surprise drop to his followers. The music video, directed and cut by Nobe Inf Gang from Noble Cinema, paints J. Morgan as a gardener out in an open field planting flowers which seems symbolic to the memories that he is trying to create as one of the lyrics go “shopping for the memories that are worth saving…”.


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