Radikal Hughes on the Importance of Raising Awareness against Domestic Violence

Since domestic violence is one of the most common criminal acts targeted mostly at women, notable musician Radikal Hughes is striving to change people’s mindsets through his music and faith.

Radikal Hughes is a Christian artist who has emerged as a Christian influencer. He will be writing books for fans and followers to inspire them in their faith and help to give other faith-based influencers a platform with his consulting services. He is set to release his most powerful and compelling music in 2022 with some major international artists to broaden his fan base and diversify his sound. 

Action against women violence

Radikal is the main behind the popular single Fallin 4 U produced by Evin Groves of Southern California. The single talks about the life of a woman who is undergoing a toxic relationship with her partner and how the voice urges her to come out of that relationship and choose one that offers her more respect. Radikal is working on these aspects of torture and violence targeted at women in the United States through his music, writing, and inculcating faith. Since women have always been objectified and degraded beyond limits, Radikal Hughes is creating to create a dent in such perception using his music infused with faith. “I chose a career in music because music is what helped me realize God’s love for me. Through music, I aim to see people break free from a life of mediocrity, break free from toxic relationships and limiting beliefs. I want them to truly value themselves and have a positive self-image,” enumerates Radikal when asked about his inspiration to seek a career distinctive from those of many others.

As an independent recording artist, Radikal Hughes released two albums called “Free 2 Fly” and “Radikal Nation”. Radikal Nation is his most popular album as it includes prominent, historic, and legendary recording artists on the project such as two-time Grammy award-winning hip hop duo GRITS, Grammy-nominated recording artist DA TRUTH, and Grammy-nominated producer Rey King, Dee-1, Bizzle, Sevin, and Datin.  

Road to tomorrow

As the world is trying to bounce back after the pandemic, Radikal is thinking of novel ways to associate with organizations that work in the field of sex trafficking and violence towards women. He seeks to dedicate his life to humanitarian work and better others lead a better life.

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