Rising Stars of Houston: An Interview with Music Trio, “Cette 3”

Houston’s very own, Cette 3, is taking the music scene by storm. With their unique blend of R&B, Hip-Hop, and smooth vibes, they’re on a journey to inspire and entertain, one song at a time.

In the heart of Houston, Texas, a dynamic music trio has emerged, ready to make their mark on the industry. Known as “Cette 3,” these talented artists are bringing a fresh sound to the world of music. In a recent interview, they shared insights into their musical influences, creative process, and their aspirations to inspire others.

Cette 3 draws inspiration from some of the industry’s biggest names, such as Destiny’s Child, TLC, and Summer Walker. Their music encompasses elements of R&B and Hip-Hop, with a smooth and sometimes even old-school vibe. This blend of genres creates a distinctive sound that resonates with their listeners.

Their creative process is a collaborative effort, with each member contributing to the song’s creation. They start with a song idea or hook, choose a fitting beat, brainstorm lyrics, and decide on who will sing or rap which verse. After recording and refining the track through multiple versions, the final result is a testament to their dedication and teamwork.

Cette 3 aims to spread positivity and create music that connects with their audience. They want their listeners to feel good inside and relate to their lyrics, sharing the experiences and emotions that make their music authentic.

Latest Project and Inspiration

Their latest project, a 4-song mixtape, showcases their versatility with slow and up-tempo songs. Drawing inspiration from their experiences, they seek to make a positive statement through their music, resonating with their growing fan base.

While they’ve been in talks with other artists for potential collaborations, Cette 3 continues to focus on their unique sound and maintaining their authenticity. They don’t follow trends but stay true to themselves and their style.

Listening to other artists they admire keeps them motivated and inspired. On social media, they interact with their followers by posting content their audience loves. Their verified social media accounts bring opportunities, but it’s their creativity and unique sound that keeps their fans engaged.

Maintaining a balance between personal life and their music career is all about structure and organization. Their manager helps them stay on track with their music and entertainment commitments, allowing them to plan their personal lives accordingly.

Milestones and Turning Points

Reaching number 1 on the Triller Billboard charts with “Been That Chick” was a significant milestone for Cette 3. They also received the Houston Culture Award for Best Performing Artist, highlighting their impact on their local music scene.

Looking ahead, Cette 3 has their eyes set on recording a full album that showcases their vocal and rap styles. They aspire to take their music to new heights, reaching even more listeners.

Inspiring Listeners

Through their music, Cette 3 hopes to inspire and uplift their listeners, making them feel good and confident when they hear their songs. They’re dedicated to creating music that resonates with people on a deeper level.

Cette 3 is a rising force in the music industry, representing Houston with their distinctive style and heartfelt lyrics. As they continue to create and inspire, their journey to the top is filled with promise and potential. To keep up with their musical journey and connect with the artists, be sure to follow them on Instagram here and listen to their music here. These talented artists are on a mission to make a lasting impact, one song at a time.

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