Why Commitment and Discipline Are Paramount for Making It Big: Michael A. Roberts Explains

Everyone dreams of success. But very few have the will to make their dreams a reality. Along with willpower, they also possess two distinguishing factors that set them apart and ensure their growth – commitment and discipline. These two qualities are the key to making it big. One such person, whose story is a testament to this, is Michael A. Roberts.

Roberts is a musician based out of Tarzana, California. As an artist, he showed great promise and potential from an early age. And as time progressed, he showed that he dared to follow his dreams as well. For Roberts, music is his life. With the intent of pursuing music full-time, Roberts dropped out of high school and did not stray. He learned new skills and honed them to become better at his craft, and his efforts paid off. 

In May 2021, he dropped his first single, ‘Complicated,’ which immediately piqued people’s interest. Building on that intrigue, he released his next one, ‘Sauced Up.’ The groovy number was a hit with the audience. This set the stage for his third single, ‘Down In Mexico,’ which received an uproarious response. Praise for his music is still going strong, and Roberts’ innovative style has put him on the radar for all the good notes that he hit.

Roberts’ success story is astounding and inspirational. His utmost devotion towards his art pushes him to strive to be better constantly. He does that by regularly practicing and researching his theory and execution, and conceptualizing new sounds. His commitment to music has allowed him to push the boundaries of his creations. However, just commitment alone can falter. One needs the discipline to support it. Through days of inspiration and days of creative blocks, Roberts continued to create music and improve. The determination he exhibited bolstered his commitment and, in turn, his creative spirit.

Roberts is not an overnight success. He is the culmination of many nights of hard work and willpower. Today, his victory is turning heads. With most of the road traveled, he has a long way to go yet, but an unworried Roberts is only looking onwards and upwards. By looking at his work, Roberts’ talent is unquestionable. And with the pedestal he puts commitment and discipline at, his success is undoubtedly inevitable.

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