Yung Raf sounds like Post Malone had a baby with Bon Jovi and we’re here for it!

Yung Raf’s sound is very special to us and here is why: he’s pulling from the past, infusing
nostalgic melody choices with very current, fresh, and edgy lyrics and tones that are blending to
make something sonically mind blowing. Inside of the mind of Yung Raf, you can hear him
pulling inspirations from artists like Lil Uzi, Yachty, and Bon Jovi, and making it all work smoothly
in one record.
Although it’s clear that Raf is a young musical genius, he’s also humble and wise enough to
know that he can’t do this on his own. He makes sure to bring up his team in any conversation
about his craft: “First I gotta shout the GOAT Lil Eddie who has developed me from scratch. I
also owe a lot to my brothers The44thfloor, CHEWINGUM, Mars Daniel’s, Kgyans and even
Timbo for believing in me from the beginning. Special thanks to all the incredible dancers in my
upcoming videos as well.”
In an industry where talent only goes so far, but being a strategic team player can skyrocket
your career, it’s clear that Yung Raf not only has the heart, but also the mind to navigate this
industry in a thoughtful way.
Assuming the same momentum continues on his project, this is the kind of artist who will be
selling out Madison Square Garden in just a few short years.
Get acquainted with Yung Raf on below:

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