Adell Kimbrough More Professionally Known as “Adell J” Speaks On Life 

Who are your biggest supporters? Family, and. church

Where did your name come from? It came from my real name, and my initial of my middle name which is James.

Do you write your own material? I 100% write all of my own music

Do you create your own music video concepts? Yes

What’s your favorite music to listen to? Frank Sinatra

What are you currently working on?Few songs for movies 

What is your latest release? Superwoman

When is your next release?Maybe next month

Are you the type to pull up alone or with a group of people? Alone

What is one stage you want to sell-out? Little Caesars

Where is one place you want to travel to perform? Rome

What’s the biggest crowd that you have performed for?1000+

Who’s someone you can see yourself on tour with? Lil Durk

Who produces your music? Untamedbst

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Loaded

What’s your favorite clothing brand? Gucci

Where do you shop? Gucci

What’s your favorite type of car? McClaren

What’s your favorite place to travel to? Miami FL

Did COVID change your career for better or worse? BETTER! I became more focused. 

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