1. What’s your name?
Micah J Akers (Stage name JacQuaun)

2. Where are you from? New Orleans (Raised in Kansas City Mo )

3. How old are you?  24

4 .When did you start making music  I started writing music the summer of 2016 when I was 18

5. How serious are you about your career? I’m very serious it’s all I can see my self doing

6. Have you ever thought about quitting music? Yea  I thought about it when I was told to change myself and music I wrote to seem more urban by this A&R

7. Who inspires you the most? Old school music and my family they make me think anything is possible

8.What got you into making music? The way You can express your feelings no matter sad , mad ,happy you can tell a story with music which is why I love it & what make it music has the power change your mood and everything

9.Who is your favorite producer? Diplo , Mustard, Timbaland, Metro boomin

10. What is one of your best songs/beats?
I have two songs actually Anna & can’t explain

11. Are you signed to a record or label? No I’m not singed at all

12. Have you ever performed? Once in 2017

13. Who would you most likely collaborate with? Lil Wayne, Jessie Reyes , lil baby , drake , Sabrina carpenter, 6lack ,new edition really anyone who be down to collaborate

14. If you could open for any artist who would it be? Lil Wayne & drake if I had to pick

15. What’s next for you? Well Hopefully I get singed so I can make my dream come true but I also want to get into acting  like on movies & tv shows then open up my own restaurant or store something of that nature 

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