Phoenix, Arizona’s Own FrazeAvenue Producer 2RVR3BEATZ

In the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, a multifaceted artist known as FrazeAvenue, also recognized as Producer 2RVR3BEATZ, weaves his creative tapestry. Since 2012, he’s been a force in the music scene, not confining himself to one role but rather embracing acting, modeling, rapping, and producing.

His journey began with the single “Yung Hurn Nien,” an embodiment of pimp-style artistry, showcasing his prowess behind the boards. Influenced by the likes of Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Uzi, and Yeat, FrazeAvenue’s music gravitates towards the realm of Plug GNB, a genre he’s helping to define.

Though unsigned, FrazeAvenue harbors dreams of securing a record deal, complete with an advance. His supporters span generations, from the youth to college-goers, drawn to his authentic lyricism and undeniable charisma.

While he pens his own material, FrazeAvenue entrusts music video concepts to others, focusing on his strengths. His sonic palette favors RnB from the 90s and early 2000s, a testament to his eclectic taste.

Currently, FrazeAvenue is crafting summer singles, seeking label support for his upcoming release slated for May 2024. His aspirations stretch beyond borders, envisioning performances in London’s vibrant music scene.

Reflecting on past performances for crowds of 400, FrazeAvenue dreams of larger stages, perhaps alongside icons like Trippie Redd, Yeat, or Sofaygo. His sound, often shaped by the beats of Bankway Beats, resonates with a vision of Grammy success in five years.

With his latest release in 2021 and anticipation building for his next drop, FrazeAvenue’s journey unfolds, driven by passion, ambition, and a sound uniquely his own.

For updates on FrazeAvenue’s music journey, follow him on Instagram and listen to his tracks on SoundCloud.

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