Yung Nusense – Staying True to Himself Through His Music

Yung Nusense is an artist who stays authentic and true to himself through his music. He describes his style as versatile and can adapt to any beat, allowing him to create music that speaks to his experiences and emotions.

Yung Nusense’s latest single, “Projects,” is a reflection of where he came from and where he is going in life. He uses his music to convey various messages and themes, creating a story that listeners can relate to.

When it comes to his creative process, Yung Nusense listens to every beat and lets the beat “talk to him.” He then focuses on the flow and cadence of the lyrics, making sure that they have a story line. Yung Nusense stays inspired and motivated by his mother, who taught him to never give up and to always keep God first.

As an artist, Yung Nusense engages with his fans on social media platforms and showcases his versatility by creating music content and rapping to different types of beats. He stays authentic and true to himself by just being himself and telling his story about his life.

Yung Nusense balances his personal life with his music career by taking breaks and focusing on his goals step by step. He describes a turning point in his career as reaching over 100,000 streams on Spotify with his last album.

Yung Nusense’s long-term goal is to be recognized for the genuine music that he creates and to touch different people with his music. He hopes that listeners take away the life aspect of his music and potentially relate to it.

In a world where many artists conform to mainstream sounds and trends, Yung Nusense stands out by staying authentic and true to himself through his music.

Instagram – @yungnusense

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